And who would have thought that this was the next year. On the same shooting range, equal to a year ago, we competed in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie for the PKM Transitive Cup - in Canada. This is the last event on the pages of our club's history. And our last struggle after shooting at the shooting range "GALT SPORTSMEN CLUB" we played in a friendly relationship on September 10, 2006. The formula of the competition "Sporting Clay" is fundamentally unpredictable competition, and this results from the intricate combinations inherent in shooting competitions located in natural forest commas. This is an authentic hunting shooting, which in itself stimulates a lot of interest and favors experienced rifle shooters. For the less polished, and thus even more so for novices, it is unnecessary to overcome the enthusiasm of the novice hunter, who in such circumstances may lose faith in his shooting skills.

As an old nemrod familiar with dozens of shooting ranges, I want to explain the scam in the beginning of hunting shooting by way of simulation. Well, in the fact that such a novice with weapons is not familiar, without any elementary training in competitive shooting (because this is the shooting of darts), he is struggling with a complex range of problems covered by kinematics. And at this point, even if someone from experienced shooters would like to help him, he would not be able to do it because there is no reference point in this competition. And on some positions darts fly in the flight of insects, imitating in assumptions, for example: the course of the hare, which is already in full extent falsyfikatem hunting fighter. In addition, there is unprofessional judging (because normally one is writing, and the other is only an observer), which ultimately results in the fact that, to a large extent, our shooting effort goes only to the "whistle". And this applies not only to novices but also to advanced ones. Why do I mention it and express my opinion. Because I really want my teammates to successfully and effectively raise their hunting skills. Where did this position come from? And from the fact that what I see here in Canada (on the so-called "Parker") has long been rehearsed in Europe. They were the first Germans and after them the French long time ago practiced similar "forestry" shooting. The denser the forest, the more they thought it was cooler and faster than others, they acquired shooting skills. But European shooting is shooting from the reproach. And in a clearly defined position, that is "from under the yellow belt" glued by the referee of the competition on the shooter's vest. And what turned out that in these forest enclaves could not be fairly determined reproducibility of the flights of the dart. A gust of wind at some positions in unfavorable conditions made it impossible to give the right shot, let alone similar or even similar conditions. For this, broken darts for branches, made such professions a real curiosity, followed by misunderstandings. And that's what inspired our hunting party, which basically supports the monolith of camaraderie. And taking all this into account, European hunters after tasting "forest shooting", went to a clean field or a forest clearing and placed four shot-glass and two ball bins on it. And the aforementioned "Parkur" left, but not in the forest thickets, but on clear glades, which is used by amateurs who are not hunted under the supervision of an instructor and genuinely the "shooter's choice" in hunting shooting. The first ones I observed on such a shooting range near Paris were shooting, which I regret to say, just like here in Canada. That is, with the butt of the flask to the cheek, which contradicts practical hunting, which in the field conditions requires us to predispose the shooting from the inclination. When we get rid of this correct reflex by shooting "sports", in the forest we will certainly be able to "reconcile" with failure for failure. Of course, to what we will not admit to anyone, but in our heart, then we will only admit that we will be right in the real truth, which I allowed myself to introduce to you. And the best test for my agonies would be an authentic field hunting for partridges. Or even for hares. Or while wading behind ducks. With many colleagues I have already talked about this and in response I heard - because here in Canada it shoots like that! This argumentation is sufficiently eloquent in relation to the existing state, which in its entirety does not find to the very end of a convincing answer. Imagine that we would be able to get rich with hunters from Poland on a hunting range with a uniform profile already throughout the European area. And the profile of this shooting includes the following shots: pheasant, moving hare (35 m.), Skeet and trap (from the place and stalk) and ball: goat, fox (from 100 m. Not like in Poland with 92 m.) and to the silhouette of a moving wild boar from 50 m. I think that even our seasoned shooters from Canada, in confrontation with the average Polish shooting class, would have no chance of taking a good place. What to do to change it? In my humble opinion, leave the forest and shoot yourself a skeet and gangplank and static ball competition to the goat and fox. Organize - or make - a moving position of a hare and wild boar. What is not impossible in our conditions. The latter is even an Olympic competition. On the first two shots competition you can make repetitions on "difficult" positions, so that the shooter can fully understand what is going on here. What in his shooting system and in his attitude, the shooter has to authenticate, in order to shoot more accurately. Only when this is understood and satisfactory results are achieved on the skeet and the gangway, then it is possible to go to the forest shooting of the so-called "Parkur". And there, the seasoned gunner will be able to correct his own shooting position. This is only my voice in the discussion. If you see it differently, then present your point of view and write to our website. The polyphony will be the best signpost for our further actions as part of the Polish Hunting Club in Canada - Let Borow Darzy and Saint Hubert have the courage to discuss openly in the circle of colleagues. Regardless of everything, let's return to the day that was fully an ally of our unity and integration in the Polish Hunting Club. As usual, the weather was good for us, as well as the turnout. Those who like to compete in hunting shooting have come together. They were also joined by fans of this discipline who, as part of the club event, performed as our guests. Numerously, it looked like it was the party of 22 members of the PKM who honored with a shot, of which 17 shot in the forest "Park" on 10 positions with the possibility of obtaining 50 points in total. On the other hand, there were 19 people from the guests, of which six were shot under the supervision of experienced colleagues from our PKM Club. In accordance with the order established by the PKM Board, on this day there is also a time for a joint hunting picnic. The President of the Management Board of PKM Wojciech Posłuszny welcomed the present and at the same time began the briefing. He explained extensively all the problems and possible difficulties that may occur during the shooting. After the President's statement about the safety and conduct of weapons on the shooting range, he explained to the participants of the club's club rifle club, Jan Zych. When the briefing came to an end, it was time for the formation of colleagues in shooting groups. Of the 17 other members of the PKM, two groups of 6 people and one 5-person were formed. Guests forming a 6-person group were divided into two groups of three. As the first shooting started colleagues from PKM and after them indicated guests. "Parkur", as I mentioned earlier, is a demanding discipline and shooters with "as such experience" obtained over 50% of interceptable points. From the results you can see that only the first three jumped 60%. And one only Wiesław Ciapierzyński shot 74% which is already catching the master class (75%). The rivalry, as befits experienced gentlemen, was noble and was in line with our hunting habits.

It should be emphasized that besides colleagues taking part in the competition, 5 other Polish colleagues from PKM participated actively in the preparation for this whole event. And she embraced not only the setting of the shooting competition, but also the preparation of a "table with food" for over 40 participants of this meeting. And this number is (40) from the list of participants - 22 PKM members and 19 guests. In this respect, Bogdan Podgorzec, Wojciech Posłuszny, Ryszard Czapczyk, Stefan Otremba and Mirosław Bekas were involved in their work without which there would not be so many sweets on this field table. I remain convinced that all those present who have tasted the benefits of "Mirosław's cuisine" are grateful to him for all this. Also mentioned colleagues who have participated in these preparations have words from us all supported by the old Polish "Darz Bór and Święty Hubert!". Invited guests were shooting in two groups at the 5 "Parkuru" stands and on the gangplank.

An exception to this competition is the position of Kazimierz Kozibroda, who scored 82% of hits. Apart from the fact of shooting from the "sporting" position, I am convinced that Kazimierz would capture even more than 60% of accurate shots at open competitions in scoring. And with a little training in the high-end position, he would have a chance to return to over 80% of hits. The results obtained by Andrzej Przybyła and Sebastian Czapczyk should also be positively evaluated. Their results are also admirable, considering that they have done this as fully amateurs. I also recommend training under the "eye" of the instructor and the quality of their results will be much higher. I think that they will listen to me and they will find a few days a year for shooting training. I also encourage the other Andrzej Drozd, Szymon Malinowski and Andrzej Cerencewicz to continue their passion through training repetitions. Perhaps then the disturbing jitters will disappear, and its place will be taken by the concentration that will probably support the skills already possessed by them. If you want to shoot better and at the same time, you have to spend some time - and the funds put in a porcelain purse. I propose it to you and I declare that it is worth doing what you can see for a year at the next competition. When the competition ended, it was time to summarize them, which resulted in the list of winners. The awarding of prizes and diplomas with the attachment of a beautiful statuette imitating the hunter's silhouette was made by members of the PKM Management Board in Canada. President Wojciech Posłuszny and Łowczy Jan Zych. The act of honoring the best shooters at today's Parker has transformed into a personal presentation of active members of the Polish Hunting Club in Canada. And this happened, and due to the guests, as accompanying people who spontaneously wanted to participate in the celebrations of their loved ones. Those who were honored on that day obtained results and took the following positions:

In the group of PKM Canada members:

  1. Wiesław Ciapierzyński - ..................... - with a score of 37/50 points.
  2. Jan Zych - .......................................... - with the result 32/50 points
  3. Kazimierz Maziarka - ......................... - with a score of 30/50 points
  4. Jan Hołody - ...................................... - with the score of 28/50 points .
  5. Adam Zych - ...................................... - with a score of 27/50 points .

In the group of guests:

  1. Kazimierz Kozibroda - ........................... - with a score of 41/50 points
  2. Andrzej Przybyła - ................................. - with the result of 31/50 points.
  3. Sebastian Czapczyk - ............................ - with a score of 30/50 points

After awarding distinctions and prizes sponsored by PKM in Canada and a photo session, a picnic started that lasted until late afternoon hours. It was a fully integrative meeting of the "Canadian hunting brothers". The history of the Polish State Railways (PKM) Canada has noted another successful meeting of Poles who love the nature around us and who love hunting. After such a successful meeting in full hope we will be waiting for our next joint events.