After the rifle competition competition, the time came for the Sporting Clays competition. Many hunting enthusiasts were anxiously watching this day when it would be possible to shoot at the punts. And shooting clay, it is undoubtedly an exciting but stress free hunting discipline. Anyone who practiced it although sporadically, probably noticed thanks to such training on the shooting range raises its efficiency on shooting ranges and this in turn spits off in the field, especially those who were less skilled in shooting. We know it from our hunters' quarters, as it is difficult for those worse shooting to admit to their indisposition.

In the backstage conversations between the hunters there are basically no pointless shots, everything fell in the fire and the darts went into smoke. However, if we are forced to stand eye to eye with the target, even if it is stationary, then it can be different.

And it happens in a similar way, as we know from the literature, as the famous count lied to the squire for the unfortunate appeal of the momentous shooting competition, when all others echoed about the splendor of the shooting earl of the count and the boy allowed himself to be separated and said "how Mr. Earl shoots it, you do not have to talk about it, because it will be visible soon. " And indeed, as it turned out in a moment, just as you could not see the count ball in flight, there was no trace of it on the shield. If at least once in 10th the count had hit the shields, it probably would have earned the squire, but since his words turned the count from the position of a shooting loser, then the count ordered to give so many whips to the ass of the young squire as many times as he missed the target on that day . The strength of the things ass of the squire had to change from red to purple, because the count had launched several ammunition packages on that day. Today, it is often the case that many of our colleagues would put on his own thong and all over his body for the radical poodles which he fell out in the area hundreds of kilometers away from his home. And that's not bad luck anymore!

Today, the times of the squires and the counts went down in history, from that era only the Kolezen rifle competition remained which, as it were, occasionally introduces us to the "parcourowa" forest path in order to test the efficiency of one's own eye. The motivation for this collision rivalry is only and only our own and free chec which tells us that being in a shooting better today than yesterday, it can only be done by shooting training.

What means accurate field shooting I do not have to convince anyone from our Club. While accurate shooting is not only fortified by the canons of our code of ethics, it is also our basic duty. He remains convinced that all colleagues from our club think similarly. This is indicated by the organization of the competition in sider competition on 11 September. It is a pity that it did not fully confirm the fact that the club's colleagues participated, because only 40% of them took part in the competition.

But the guests, who were 11 on the list, and many more, more than 20, added on the list. One more thing needs to be emphasized that on this day we also added aura, which is an important element for this type of competition. The day was sunny without any cloudiness, only streaks of planes imitated lengthened cirrus clouds. Goracem on this day amazing sun but on the forest road where there were spaced shooting positions was extensive shading and additionally slightly blew the wind. Behind him, however, we found ourselves in shooting positions, the organizers from the Club made registration willing to shoot. Moments after this action, President Wojciech Posluszny and Janczy Zych explained extensively to the participants the principles of safety and the rules of behavior at the shooting range.

After the briefing, formalities allowing participation in shooting competitions were made. Once these formalities were behind us, then for the smooth implementation of this event, a subdivision was made between the group of club mates and the invited guests. For obvious reasons, it is still necessary to explain the technical side of the shooting planned on that day. Organizers, or the Board of PKM, determined that the course of these competitions will take place on 10 different positions in the depths of the forest with a stratum and numerous ponds making forest exudations where it was possible to direct the flights of the dart. There were also waterless spaces for this with a narrow cut of forest that reminds us of the distance above the vista from a distance. A different and unprecedented shooting than in Poland was the competition for shooting from the tower for darts that flew out from under the legs of the shooter, and shooting for darts rolling with the speed of hooking and jumping with the speed of a wild rabbit. Speaking so honestly, these other competitions which I did not discuss in the very method of exercising theses are also somehow different from those already systematized by the strict rules of hunting shooting in Poland. This novelty for Polish hunters is shooting from the assumption (to the cheek) and not from the incision, where the butt has the position below the diaphragm. And this is a radical obstacle due to the loss of time on the so-called the composition of the weapon but for this shooting compensates for "fun" and incomparably greater satisfaction in relation to the presented shooting from the adjournment in "Sporting Clay". Returning, however, to the local competitions - their course at 10 positions was analogical because in each of the posts you shot up to five darts thrown sequentially, first first single, then two - only one by one and then two at the same time. It should be emphasized that in contrast to shooting in Poland, there are no corrections to individual clay throws in Canada.

Eventually, the course of the competition was systematized by dividing the participants into two groups, the Club and the invited guests. All four groups were firing separately. They were the first to start shooting in two groups of guests, after them the members of the Polish Hunting Club also shot in two groups.

As with every shooting competition, the shooter's orders reflect the results obtained. Based on these results, it can be said in general that the shooting level of club members is good, because the first 10 achieved a result of 57.6%, and in the group of visitors, with the result of 44.6% on 10 shooters, this result was in my opinion very good . These global (statistical) results indicate that all those involved in these shootings did it for the first time and are certainly lovers of this hunter's feat.

Looking at individual results, however, it should be emphasized that Robert Rakuc surprised us as an amateur with a 84% result. In addition, as mentioned by the shooting colleagues in the same group, it should be emphasized that this feat was done in a nice way, arousing the admiration of those who have some carts of fired ammunition behind them. At this point, "do not add anything, nothing to be honest", just to warmly congratulate my colleague Robert for such a great result. Young age of Robert, indicates that in this matter he did not say the last word. I believe in it that we will be competing with Robert more than once. It is also worth emphasizing that Ryszard Rakuc (Robert's father) was also excellent at the group of guests, 62% and Krzysztof Kiernicki 60%. Very good results were obtained successively Andrzej Cereniewicz 56%, Robert Rusinski 44% and Ryszard Maciaszek 40%. Good results were obtained by Grzegorz Krasowski 34% and Andrzej Drozd and Józef Pietruniak by 28%. The great attitude of Eugeniusz Trzuskota indicates that he will soon improve his result and others will be jealous of him. We as the propagators of hunting hunters are grateful primarily for participation and also for results, for which the Board of PKM makes the above mentioned thanks - Darz Bór!

In the classification of Club members, we were 12 rivals. Wieslaw Ciapierzynski was individually classy with the result of 80%. This is a result worthy of the master class, which we know from numerous professions where competitors are satisfied with over 60% results. We also know that Wiesław's potential is much bigger, which he often showed us in many similar rivalries. Watching the shooting predispositions of Wieslaw, you can say that he will be in the forefront for a long time. The same went well with the result of 76% Kazimierz Maziarka. Mate Kazimierz has a good shotgun and the right reflexes, which together allows him to get a high result. He is one of those who can compete in the club competition for the highest place. His good shooting predispositions support a kind of calmness that is indispensable in this discipline.

The third place came to me with the result of 62% of accurate shots. It is a satisfactory result for me, but not satisfying. Pleased because winning the third place among colleagues associated in our club is a significant honor and because my nervous system did not let me down and it helped me to overtake five outstanding shooters who shot 58% of the 50 punts. Satisfying results for me can only happen when I have my own equipment and when I shoot a few wheelbarrows of ammunition. Then he can step on the heels of Kazia Maziarki and blend his breath for Wiesia Ciapierzynski's back. How it will actually be a time to show and then let others see and evaluate.

In the group of the unfulfilled, I have already remembered, and of five colleagues with 29 out of 50 hits. Anyone with a little better predisposition could be in the circle of the three best and with a score close to 40 (80%) hits. But the result is the result and this Friday also wanted to do their own will, arranging their order by shooting additional in skeet competition. After completing full skeet shooting, further items 4 to 8 are as follows;

  1. Jan Zych ............................ 18 points
  2. Krzysztof Karpiel ............. 15 points
  3. Janusz Walow ................... 13 points

VII. Adam Zych ........................ 12 points

VIII. Adam Pakula ..................... 12 points

It is worth emphasizing that Skeet's competition was additionally scored because of the same number of points (12), Adam Zych and Adam Pakula. Shooting both on the skeet axis for flights imitating the flight of the bazant after many shots remained at the draw. Repetitions did not give a resolution. In this situation, the judge asked them to leave the "bazant" position and ordered them to shoot again on the skeet axis until the first miss. In this way, Adas Zych overtook his rival / slightly older / Adam Pakule. When they keep the shooting form as in the final overtime, it certainly improves their shooting results.

The other colleagues, who obtained places outside the 8-meter, were shooting rather relaxing, celebrating their presence, what would not say successful competition. When some colleagues were shooting, others present at this event were preparing a guest with a Polish table pledged modestly but profusely. Nobody was missing tasty finger foods and grilled sausages on the grill. And there were over 40 people with invited guests. The hit of the day was "culinary novelty", a bloodless sausage, which really tasted great. There were also unparalleled lacquer in a variety of flavors distinguished only by noble palates, brought as part of dessert attractions by the participants themselves and guests of the competition. The smells from our table escaped into the world and even hit the noses next to us feasting Italians, whose hosts regained their welcome. Thanking us, they announced that Polish cuisine is excellent. And one of the dignified Italians declared that because of "such a delicious kitchen" he was convinced that only Polka would be looking for a wife. We congratulated him on the decision and we lent him the search for success!

When everyone was busy and they had their meals for good, the PKM Management Board was preparing an act of solemn granting of medals for the places gained. Completion of the medals, according to the above the list was made with the appropriate binding of President Wojciech Posluszny and Lowczy Jan Zych. And so we were left with another successful and fortunate day thanks to the PKM Management Board reviving the integration ties of Poles in exile in Canada.