Sporting Clays

Sporting Clay

As every year, this time, and in the same place as last year, the PKM - Canada shooting competition for the "PKM Transitive Cup" was held. The same place - this is the shooting range in the "Galt Sportsmen Club" on which, according to the notification, there were going to be volunteers to perform these shooting competition at 9:30.

And who would have thought that this was the next year. On the same shooting range, equal to a year ago, we competed in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie for the PKM Transitive Cup - in Canada. This is the last event on the pages of our club's history. And our last struggle after shooting at the shooting range "GALT SPORTSMEN CLUB" we played in a friendly relationship on September 10, 2006. The formula of the competition "Sporting Clay" is fundamentally unpredictable competition, and this results from the intricate combinations inherent in shooting competitions located in natural forest commas. This is an authentic hunting shooting, which in itself stimulates a lot of interest and favors experienced rifle shooters. For the less polished, and thus even more so for novices, it is unnecessary to overcome the enthusiasm of the novice hunter, who in such circumstances may lose faith in his shooting skills.

After the rifle competition competition, the time came for the Sporting Clays competition. Many hunting enthusiasts were anxiously watching this day when it would be possible to shoot at the punts. And shooting clay, it is undoubtedly an exciting but stress free hunting discipline. Anyone who practiced it although sporadically, probably noticed thanks to such training on the shooting range raises its efficiency on shooting ranges and this in turn spits off in the field, especially those who were less skilled in shooting. We know it from our hunters' quarters, as it is difficult for those worse shooting to admit to their indisposition.