As every year, this time also on June 10, 2006, the shooting competition took place in the ball competition. The Polish Hunting Club patronized this event, thus allowing rifle competition between the members of the PKM Club and separately among the invited guests. In these competitions, hunter shooting enthusiasts participated, creating four separate groups, two of 5 and two of four. Five people stood in the group of guests.

After entering the list of participants of the above people, organizers set about preparing the shooting range for the competition. According to the findings, the ball competition took place in two shooting rounds, to the shield with the goat and fox silhouette. Before the start of the competition, however, the traditional custom of the Hunter PKM Jan Zych carried out a briefing, instructing the acceding occupants about the basic security rules. He also explained all the nuances of the behavior and handling of weapons by hunters participating in today's shooting competitions. In addition, the President of PKM, who warned those present in order to keep order, took the floor. This was mainly due to the guest's admission to the shooting range and the presence of other random people firing parallel with us on the neighboring axes. He also pointed to the protection of the object, performed by professional officers. The President of PKM concluded his request with a noble rivalry worthy of a Polish hunter. After the briefing, each of the hunters prepared to shoot in accordance with the established order according to the prepared list. Shooting was carried out in four groups.
The day of June 10, 2006 was good weather and a good turnout, which results from the direct interest of the members of our Club in hunting shooting. There are various hypotheses, created especially by hunters who skip the shooting ranges, that they shoot differently in the field and completely different to the target. With such a statement, regardless of the situation, they themselves promote the low level of shooting skills from above. From my many years of active practice of hunting, it is clear that random shooters often harm the game, which ultimately do not reach and thus do not raise it. I have often witnessed, how, after such failure, the next ones followed, until the same colleagues of this delinquent, prevented him from doing further hunting. Forced to visit the shooting range, he immediately revealed his shooting predispositions, which nullified his ability to obtain a shot again. Seeing this, he himself asked at the shooting range to bring him the model of the goat up to 50 meters. From the weapon set by experts, he only shot the "director" by accident. As it turned out, in which he helped a friend psychologist, this delinquent who slowly turned into a desperate hunter, accumulated in his interior like two trends of conduct. One of them resulted from his real passion for hunting, and the other from reluctance to hunt hunting at the shooting range. He later became convinced that it was difficult to isolate the two options. Blocked by the lack of the possibility of shooting, he began to visit the hunting range more often. When he understood the correction and trajectory of the shot, and his accuracy was constantly improving, hunting shooting became his parallel passion with hunting. In the first place, the nerves, which then grew during the shooting, gave way. Sam finally understood that the hunter who was not shot at and not with weapons did more harm than good. Today, as far as this friend is concerned, I can only say that he has changed radically and that his results insist on the master class at the shooting range. What has happened is worthy and worth following.
The shooting range is undoubtedly an object that integrates hunters. Here, in addition to shooting races, you can exchange hunting views and hear the latest news. Regardless of the events not included in the program, the competition took place in the spirit of rivalry worthy of hunting enthusiasts. The fact that shooting on this day took place typically in hunting competitions was evidenced by the use of hunting rifles with optics, shields with a goat and fox shape and a distance of 100 meters. Each of the registered participants had the right to cast 5 shots to each target. The above table compares the results to us and on their basis the places that the shooting friends took. This table, however, does not reflect the actual emotions that accompanied these professions at individual stages. After the first shooting to the goat's silhouette, a close group of leading colleagues was already outlined. Among them were Andrzej Dębowski 47/50, Wiesław Ciaperzyński 47/50, Krzysztof Karpiel 48/50, Andrzej Pietruszko 49/50 and Jerzy Rettinger 48/50. With a bit of luck, they also had a good chance to make a good place with 43/50 Adam Pakuła, 44/50 Janusz Walow, Jan Hołody from 42/50 and Jan Zych from 41/50 with a bit of luck. The second queue of fox foxes showed those who, in addition to good vision, have good nervous resistance. As I showed earlier the competition was fierce but also noble with a dose of adrenaline and good humor. Out of these tight shootings with the image of "mikita", which in turn was dark compared to the goat, and in the image itself (i.e. not like the aforementioned goat, which was temporarily in the sunshine, too bright, preferably in these conditions, because in a clean way, he shot his 50/50 jack Jerzy Rettinger. Thus, he was definitely in the first place with 98/100. He did it in amazing calmness, perhaps not fully realizing that such exquisite prizewinners of the master class pride themselves on such results. The stakes and prestige in the competition of each shooting elite causes that the most successful shooters lose "simple points" and in many cases would gladly accept the results of our colleagues who were in the top six.
But let's get back to our reality and let's look at the positions of colleagues who, after the first shooting, had a chance to get a good place. Andrzej Pietruszko was the one who could still jump over one "1" point of Jerzy Rettinger, because he owned 49/50. In the second round he had 4-10 and luckily he "lost" only 3 points, which resulted in him a position with a score of 96/100. Hardened in the shooting rounds Wiesław Ciapierzyński "lifted" his result to the fox's silhouette by two points, which gave him a score of 96/100. At the moment, it was known that there would be a second-order repositioning of the shooting range. It should be emphasized that these two colleagues introduced a thrill into this competition in a very pleasant atmosphere. But that's not all, because just behind them / "because podskrobywali im groty" / were placed by Andrzej Dębowski and Krzysztof Karpiel. Andrzej Dębowski from 47/50 reduced his "flight" because one shot fell out of his shield, which gave him 37/50 and the final result was 84/100. Similarly, it happened with Krzysztof Karpiela, who fetched only 36/50 from fox, which gave him the final result of 84/100. From this arrangement of results of these two colleagues it clearly showed that there must be extra time for the fourth place. Thus, we extended our mini shooting marathon. As the first in the competition for the second place stood Wiesław Ciapierzyński and Andrzej Pietruszko by shooting posts. The latter pressed the rifle more firmly to his shoulder, because he shot four times in "10" once, only getting "9", and that gave him a result of 49/50. Wiesław Ciapierzyński scored in two "10" and three "9" and scored 47/50, which placed him on the honorable third place. I must admit that in this competition there was a calmness worthy of experienced shooters. After the second and third place was settled, there were colleagues competing for 4th and 5th place. In this extra time, Andrzej Dębowski and Krzysztof Karpiel shot in parallel. With the result of 45/50, Krzysztof Karpiel took the IV position and Andrzej Dębowski with the score of 42/50 remained on the fifth position. It must be admitted that colleagues from the top five "overestimated" us results, for what they deserve honest and heartfelt congratulations with Darz Bór and Święty Hubert! Let's go on like this, which in the deep reality strengthens the position of the PKM Club in Canada and thus also our Polonia. Looking at the entire table comparing the shooting results, it should be admitted that they were at a satisfactory level. Many colleagues lacked a bit of luck to radically change their position on the shooting list. I think that they will stay with hope and in the next season will help their luck with greater self-control and sharper eyesight.
Just like every year, the Polish Hunting Club in Canada demonstrated also the hospitality of the invited guests on that day, to which it was possible, under the supervision of experienced fellow hunters, to shoot in the same set that was provided for hunters from the PKM - Canada Club. Five people shot in the group of guests, including two ladies. It must be admitted that as for the amateur group, all of its participants were outstanding. The first place of Andrzej Przybyła from 69/100 is a good result even on significant competitions. The second place was taken by Katarzyna Hołody / wife Rafała / who surprised her with the result of 68/100. I must admit that I was also extra, because it overtook my score by three points. Wojciech Żmichowski with a score of 59/100 and Sebastian Czapczyk with 52/100 can feel great with these results, because the hunting shooting masters known to me were much lower. Words of appreciation are also due to Ms. Joanna Stremecki, who resulted in 48/100 "did not give a stain" in these professions. The result of 48/100 confirms the fact that Ms. Joanna did not contact the artisque for the first time. With a little training under the supervision of an expert in this profession, Joanna has a chance to jump 60/100 in a short time and then it can only get better and better. I would like to convey to all guests who shoot with us, on behalf of the PKM Club - Canada, sincere congratulations on the results achieved and warm greetings from Darz Bór and Święty Hubert! After the shooting, the moment of handing in the medals took place.
As part of the Polish Hunting Club in Canada, the following members of the PKM - Canada received the medals:

    Jerzy Rettiner ............................. 98/100 - ............... ...GOLD MEDAL,
    Andrzej Pietruszko ..................... 96/100 - (49/50) ..... SILVER MEDAL,
    Wiesław Ciapierzyński ............... 96/100 - (47/50) ..... BRONZE MEDAL,
    Krzysztof Karpiel ........................ 84/100 - (45/50) ..... MEDAL FOR THE 4TH PLACE,
    Andrzej Dębowski ....................... 84/100 - (42/50) ..... MEDAL FOR THE 5TH PLACE,

On behalf of the PKM - Canada Club, the following guests were awarded medals for the achieved results;

    Andrzej Przybyła ............................ 69/100 ................. ...GOLD MEDAL,
    Katarzyna Hołody ........................... 68/100 .................. ..SILVER MEDAL,
    Wojciech Żmichowski .................... 59/100 .................... BRONZE MEDAL,

After the ceremony of decorations, there was a photo shoot that ended with a joint photo of all participants in the competition. Next, we sat at the common table next to which flies of Polish and Canadian flags flapped. We look forward to the next joint meeting and the organizers, that is, the Management Board for their effort and a great shooting day from all participants and invited guests, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Darz Bór and Święty Hubert!