rifle competition

Polish Hunting Club of Canada annually organizes a shooting competition with rifles used for hunting. This competition is a multifunctional event, supported by a dozen or so years of tradition, continued by hunters' associates associated in the Polish Hunting Club in Canada. The multifunctionality of this event is primarily the integration of Polish hunters belonging to the Polish Hunting Club, and checking their shooting skills, as well as their hunter's weapon used for hunting big game. And all this happened on the day of the competition. The ally of these competitions was primarily the weather, which was fully good. She also completed and organized the competition. And that's all the setting of the right order, covering the core of the shooting competitions themselves, and the complete catering facilities.

All this required a specific effort, which in the eyes of the participants did not go to waste. On June 5, 2005, it was a happy and joyful day for all participants of the shooting test. It should also be included as a day of PKM integration in Canada and include a mention of it in the permanent pages of our Club's history.
And how did it look in reality? In accordance with the set order written on the information cards, provided to each hunter, interested in hunting hunters, colleagues from the PKM arrived at 9:00 a.m. to the agreed place, that is - 8102 Paddock Trail Dr., Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1X3 Doug or Joan Miller (Club 905 957-7362).
When they were all there, colleagues from the Board formed two groups cooperating with them. One of them, under the leadership of Jan Zych, the Low Pace PKM, pre-emptied the shooting range itself and set up chronological shootings according to the previously adopted order with the division into appropriate shooting groups at the same time. All this was also recorded and on lists showing colleagues allowed for ball shooting. The adopted order also predicted the division of those firing on the members of the PKM and the invited guests. This act was very nice and very Kolezenski. And that's because it was the only one of the few possibilities for these guests to test their skills in shooting hunters. As it later turned out, their gratitude towards their colleagues from PKM was not seen. And this in turn radiated satisfaction among the animators of this superstitious action. But we are at the moment of preparation in this phase of the description.
Because outside this group there was also the second one, which prepared the facilities for making a field "culinary art". And nothing exaggerated here, because the art was to do so much with such limited possibilities. A hot day and shooting, quite stretched over time, required shade and cool drinks. And that was not lacking. The solid shade provided a bent canopy over the tables, where there were drinks of different flavors in cooling containers. For traditional gourmets there was also traditional coffee, heated in a adapted boiler, with the power supply straight from the power generating set. If someone did not manage to have a meal before leaving at home, he could do it depending on his taste, put up confectionery or other traditional products without sugar content. But this is just the beginning, because the Board provided for this day and meals from the barbecue. Two such devices have been installed. In each of them there was something different to taste. The preparing colleagues were very stressed at this moment, because they were afraid if they would come out, if everyone would come here happy. Do they recognize this day as a good day spent. Today, "post factum", you can easily say that what they did wonderfully them all came out. And at this point, thank the donors of this meeting, who in various ways sponsored the food assortment placed on the table, gathering around each other Poles, lovers of shooting and Polish traditions of lowieckich. And there were about 40 people with us, along with accompanying persons. It was a visible group of Poles!
But this is only a setting, to the anticipated from the dose of impatience, hunter shooting games, hunters associated in the POLISH HUNTING CLUB of CANADA.
Prepared lists of qualified people for shooting guns with a central fire ball, were the first sign to start the competition. In the list of PKM members there were 19 hunters, who were divided into 4 subgroups. Each of them performed shooting, from 4 or 5 positions. The second list gathered invited guests, which included 8 people. The list of guests was also divided into two groups, which resulted also from the number of active shooting positions. And when everything was ready and prepared for the shooting, according to Polish tradition there was a briefing, concerning the safety of handling the firearm and the behavior at the shooting position. Lowczy PKM Jan Zych and the President of PKM Wojciech Posluszny spoke about all this. Guided by the rules of safety, all shooting colleagues on that day, according to the letter on the list, went to shooting positions. On the shooting range there was a red choragiew, meaning that it was possible to start shooting. The first guests started. At each of them was a responsible steel keeper, who was supposed to react to the irregularities of these shooters due to their small size, with the hunters' rifles. The first shots were fired, the telescope finders already knew where the bullets had passed through the shields. And so it was already at the end of this shooting group.
After each series of shootings, the red choragwi was changed to green, which meant that the rifles with the casted locks are standing in the stands and (which is obvious) that shooting is finished and forbidden at this point. Then the judges and all interested parties go to the shooting targets to read the results. When two groups of guests have already gone through shooting to the goat and wild boar, their results were already known. And to our surprise, the medal results were very good. And the outcome of Mariusz Bekas 92/100, would satisfy many a scorer in the championship class. At this point, it's worth noting that hunting shooting to the above. the silhouettes are not straight, because the shield is not centric but it is an explosive, eliptic elipse on which there are sensitive points of fire, depending on the fact that the "0" zone is behind "9". But these are the details that would be best seen visually. Now let's go back to the results in the category of guests;
In the category of guests, the places occupied by the shooters, based on the results obtained, are as follows:
1. Mariusz Bekas .............................. 92 points (gold medal),
2. Ernest Groh .................................. 70 points (silver medal),
3. Jan Kloczko .................................. 60 points (bronze medal),
4. Edward Przybyla ....................... 46 points
5. Judyta Szydlik ................................ 45 points
6. Andrzej Drozd ............................... 38 points
7. Joanna Wlazlo ............................... 22 points
8. Cecil Adamcewicz ... (he withdrew, because of the blows of the weapon).
After a short summary of the shooting made by the guests, they reached the shooting positions from the first sub-group advanced in forest-based hunters. And here it took some time to wait, as the shooting of 19 hunters will take place in the first round. The first round of shootings showed that the outstanding results (over 46), obtained 5 hunters' favors. In the middle class / from 30 /, six of our hunters were placed, below our middle class was one of our hunter with a score of 29 points. The others presented the average class by shooting up to 20 points. In many of them revealed the wrong setting of the telescope, which was indicated by the good concentration they obtained. Those more experienced, soon drew conclusions from this and prepared a correction for the next round of shooting. But in these best results it was "tight" and close to one another. Also it was difficult to probe who won the gold and who the silver or bronze medal, because Andrzej Pietruszko and Jerzy Rettinger had 48 points and three pretenders behind them: Adam Pakula, Janusz Walow and Jan Zych for 46 points. So to speak sports, everything in the second round was possible within this group. Hence the greater impatience and curiosity of those present who can withstand the tension of today's competition and win the club's shooting berlo. Because at this point even the furthest assumptions did not provoke any manipulations, because the results of these five shooters were almost on one plane.
The second round explained a lot but not everything. Because extra time was required. Emotions were growing and this resulted not so much from the shooting attitude of colleagues, but from the results obtained. And they just shaped investments, individual shooting friends. Considering the second round of the shooting, it was clear that the first place has two contenders with identical results 48/48 - Andrzej Pietruszko and Jerzy Rettinger. However, the third and fourth places in the second round of shooting were confirmed with individual deposits. Janusz Walow was third and this position was out of position, 46/46 = 92 points. And fourth, also independent position, Adam Pakula kept the score 46/44 = 90 points. These two colleagues, Adam Pakula and Janusz Walow, shoot for the last few seasons, keeping the highest places in our club competitions. An interesting situation, however, arose in the settlement of the 5th medal place. After the second shooting, this place was still within the range of three colleagues who after two scoring lines scored the same amount after 79 points. The same amount was scored by Rafal Holody, Bogdan Terek and Adam Zych.
The state in the Sędziowo register with identical results caused that it was necessary to do overtime for the first and fifth medal placement. Keeping the regular order, the first to repeat the shooting was made by colleagues deciding on fifth deposits. They shot at the same time w / w. colleagues who had 79 points on their account. In extra time they obtained very little different results. But they allowed to put up the 5th medal place. This fifth position awarded Bogdan Terek a score of 47, and the other two were only a point worse. The doubts at that moment was not because the participants in this extra time congratulated themselves and pointed to the best shooter in this competition.
The fight for the fifth lokate was in fact a prologue before a more emotional decision about who will be the champion in shooting hunting for the shield imitating the goat and wild boar. To every figure a little earlier all the participants of the shooting gave away five shots. Our heroes, the most resistant to all kinds of opposition that could have happened today - Andrzej Pietruszko and Jerzy Rettinger have decided to take precedence over the extra-time prevailing pal. Moments before this, Andrzej Pietruszko informed that he is in possession of only four rounds. For this reason, he asked his opponent Jerzy Rettinger to take part in this decisive competition, with only four shots. In a far-reaching colleague gesture, agreement was made and a decisive phase of the shooting was commenced.
Comfort at this moment, if you can talk about something like that, was to choose the positions of the shooters by those participants. And the expected, decisive shots were missed. On the shields with silhouettes of wild boars, on the side of Andrzej Pietruszko there were three dozens and one eight, and on an identical shield with Jerzy Rettinger, there were also three dozens, but also a nanny. This gave the final decision and the championship on June 5, 2005 went to the hands of Jerzy Rettinger and right behind him because only one point less was Andrzej Pietruszko. It is worth noting here that the last two colleagues in a nice style achieved high scores that would not be ashamed of the choice of the shooters in this competition.
When making a bit of analysis, it is clear that after 14 completed shots they scored 135/140 points. (1st place) and 134/140 points respectively. (2nd place), and that gives for the 1st place 96.43%, and for the second place - 95.71% coverage in the shield. It's only good to point out here that the advanced hunters are already satisfied with results from 92%, which indicates that we were witnesses of the shooting rifle at a very high level on that day. After completing the complete shootings and determining the medal classification, the President Wojciech Posluszny announced the results and joined the Low Prize PKM to solemnly award the medals. It took place on the shooting range in a designated place, between the flagging national flags of Poland and Canada.
The medal classification of members of the Polish Mysliwski Club is as follows;
1. Jerzy Rettinger ............................... 96/100 points (gold medal),
2. Andrzej Pietruszko ......................... 96/100 points (silver medal),
3. Janusz Walow ................................. 92/100 points (bronze medal),
4. Adam Pakula .................................. 90/100 points (medal award),
5. Bogdan Terek ................................. 79/100 points (medal award),
6. Rafal Holody ................................... 79/100 points Jan Zych ........................................... 79/100 points
7. Miroslaw Bekas ............................... 76/100 points
8. Wieslaw Ciapierzynski ................... 74/100 points Józef Holody ..................................... 74/100 points Krzysztof Karpiel ............................ 74/100 points.
9. Michal Kielb ................................. 72/100 points
10. Jan Holody .................................... 61/100 points
11. Zdzislaw Gustak ........................... 52/100 points Tadeusz Wlazlo .............................. 52/100 points
(-) Other colleagues who shot below 50/100 points. not classified. On the other hand, only the poodle, Kolege Janek, was distinguished, who proudly took this distinction and actually transformed his shooting result into a good mood, and this supported the already very good atmosphere. All these events affected the pleasured meeting.
After all these events, finally came the time for reflection and discussion of the results obtained, and there was something to talk about at the table with a shaded canopy and a previously prepared meal. Disputes were not seen ending, herds lasted quite a long time and finally she moved to some houses of our colleagues. And everywhere where it was happening, it was welcomed with collections and nearness. This testifies to the fact that in addition to the above-mentioned winners today, he won first of all our club PKM, and thus he attributed to him, Colleagues Hunters!