Rifle Competitions

As every year, this time also on June 10, 2006, the shooting competition took place in the ball competition. The Polish Hunting Club patronized this event, thus allowing rifle competition between the members of the PKM Club and separately among the invited guests. In these competitions, hunter shooting enthusiasts participated, creating four separate groups, two of 5 and two of four. Five people stood in the group of guests.

rifle competition

Polish Hunting Club of Canada annually organizes a shooting competition with rifles used for hunting. This competition is a multifunctional event, supported by a dozen or so years of tradition, continued by hunters' associates associated in the Polish Hunting Club in Canada. The multifunctionality of this event is primarily the integration of Polish hunters belonging to the Polish Hunting Club, and checking their shooting skills, as well as their hunter's weapon used for hunting big game. And all this happened on the day of the competition. The ally of these competitions was primarily the weather, which was fully good. She also completed and organized the competition. And that's all the setting of the right order, covering the core of the shooting competitions themselves, and the complete catering facilities.