Polish Hunting Club of Canada

By the decision of Polish hunters, from the Polish Hunting Club of Canada, their observations from hunting and forest vistas they will be free, on paper, for those who love the natural environment and the world of animals, and above all for the offspring!

If the beavers were in the nature of their system, although a bit of a rat approach to life, then the human population would be much worse. It would be, through them, one more element, with which a man would constantly increase. What a man is, I do not have to justify it in this place, but when giving the beavers a little chance in the form of a small descent of people from the threshold of civilization shaped by them, then one would notice their significant advantage. This hypothetical approach has its justification, because it has been confirmed many times by life itself.

The Association of Polish Engineers in Canada cooperates with young people, and these young people willingly accept such cooperation. A member of the Polish Hunting Club and also a member of the aforementioned Association, Michał Kiełb, found out about it, visiting scouts from the "Wigry" banner, camped in the forest abyss near BARRY'S BAY. I took the matter seriously and took 15 kg of lures with me. And I haven't used any of them.

Since, by their own choice, the scouts from the "Wigry" Team decided to spend many weeks in the forest thicket, as a result, the surrounding flora aroused in their minds an adequate curiosity towards the forest space. With time, they had more questions, and questions to which the scouts themselves found it difficult to give a convincing answer. Hence the initiative of generational cooperation.