The club was founded in 1992 on the initiative of a group of enthusiasts who either hunted in Poland and wanted to continue their passion in the Canadian woods, or wanted to start their hunting adventure right here in Canada, our new country of residence. They were people from different parts of Poland. Some of them had already passed the Canadian hunting exams, some did not even know how to go about it.

At the founding meeting about 30 people attended, and a declaration to join the Club 41 people had made.

After the development of the Articles of Association and registration, (which took place in May 1992) Club began officially to exist (this is probably the world's first Polish Hunting Club officially registered). The first President of the Club was Richard Mazur and after his death in 1997, Wojciech Posluszny (former Vice President). At the time of registration 51 people had already joined the Club. From the beginning, the main goal of Club’s activity was to collect sufficient funds to purchase a piece of land in northern Ontario.Over the years a large number of people have permeated the club, of which, over time clarified the group representing the driving force of the Club.

From the very beginning we have tried to help the new candidates in obtaining a gun permit, as well as a hunting license. To accomplish that, we helped to organize the training and exams. For some, a major obstacle to overcome was poor knowledge of English.In 1998, we were able to obtain the consent of the Polish Hunting Association for organizing the course and exams for new candidates to the Polish Hunting Association, as well as for deer hunters.Club organizes a number of events throughout the year aimed at bringing to the general public matters related to hunting and target shooting. One of the events is a picnic and skeet shooting. he annual attraction of the carnival season became a traditional "Hunter's Ball." Participants.

In the Ball are not only guaranteed a great time, but also can see the trophies won by the club members, which are a part of the decoration of the ballroom, as well as tasting venison. For many people, this is often the first opportunity to see and touch the skin of the black bear and moose or deer antlers. During the break at the Ball, the presentation of a transitive trophy ceremony for the "King Hunting" takes place, a colleague, who in that year had the most luck while hunting. The Club organizes annual spring shooting competitions to the cutouts of the stag and wild boar, and in September, the "sporting clay" competition takes place, in which for the past two years colleagues from the Polish hunting clubs of Chicago and New York have been involved.

The activities of the Club have been noticed and appreciated by the Polish Hunting Association. In 1998, the club, and six of its members (including R. Mazur post-mortem) were honored with "Medal of St. Hubert ". This medal is awarded for (among other things) "outstanding achievements in training, spreading of knowledge, traditions and culture of hunting."

In 2012, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Club the Polish Hunting Association awarded the Silver Medal of Merit in Hunting to Wojciech Posłuszny and Bronze Medal to colleagues: Andrzej Dębowski, Kazimierz Maziarka, Krzysztof Karpiel, Bogdan Terek and Jan Zych. Danuta Zych was decorated with the Meritand support for the club over the past 20  years.

US/Canada Polish Hunting Club Association Award Committee awarded the Cross of St. Hubert colleagues Mirosław Bekas and Janusz WalowIt is a distinction established by the Polish Hunting Clubs in the United States and Canada for the pro-motion of Polish hunting culture and traditions and involvement in the activities of their parent clubs.

The idea of buying the land, which 20 years ago was sown in our minds finally germinated. We were able to buy 100 acres of forest land, which is where we wanted to create the conditions not only for hunting, but also for family trips out there. For full bloom, we need only time and resources. For now, we are at the development concept stage how to build a shelter (for now). In the future, depending on the club funds, we hope to build something bigger. Certainly, we will not run out of work,but most importantly (and this is for me personally a great satisfaction) we have reached the goal established 20 years ago.

Wojciech Posłuszny

August 2012