"By joining the group of Polish associated hunters in the Polish Hunting Club of Canada, I solemnly vow to:

  • Conscientiously obey hunting laws
  • Follow the rules of hunting ethics
  • To preserve the traditions of Polish Hunting
  • Protect the Nature
  • Protect the good name of hunting and the dignity of the Polish Hunter."

"Hunting is the art which consists of tracking, stalking, and killing or catching animals alive, in accordance with applicable laws and code of hunting ethics."

"The animal as a living being capable of suffering is not an object. So the man owes it respect, protection and care."

Hunting Ethics

Promotion and popularization of proper and ethical hunting is the domain of our Polish Hunting Club in Canada. We do this through the continuous education of the associated hunters in our Club.

Hunting Laws

We educate about legal aspects of hunting in Canada and also in Poland as some of our members also hunt in Poland and are members of the Polish Hunting Association.

Hunting Education

We teach our colleagues to safely use hunting weapons during hunting and remind them of the applicable laws regarding firearms.We also inform about the qualities of various hunting weapons and their suitability for hunting certain species of animals.

Hunting Knowledge

We share the knowledge about hunting certain species of wild animals. We support our hunting with observations and even research on wild animals living in Canadian forests. We are gradually turning this long-term knowledge into a collection of information about wild animals living in Canadian forests.

As a self-respecting Hunting Club, we believe that our ranks can only include hunters involved in the values of nature closely related to the hunting we practice. Hence our interest and willingness to learn about aspects of the nature of the existence of wild animals in their natural environment. Our interest extends to understanding the life of these wild animals in terms of biological dependence on their place of existence. Thus, the subject of our education includes biocenosis in Canada and also in Poland.