Polish Hunting Club of Canada

"By joining the group of Polish associated hunters in the Polish Hunting Club of Canada, I solemnly vow to:

  • Conscientiously obey hunting laws
  • Follow the rules of hunting ethics
  • To preserve the traditions of Polish Hunting
  • Protect the Nature
  • Protect the good name of hunting and the dignity of the Polish Hunter."

The club was founded in 1992 on the initiative of a group of enthusiasts who either hunted in Poland and wanted to continue their passion in the Canadian woods, or wanted to start their hunting adventure right here in Canada, our new country of residence. They were people from different parts of Poland. Some of them had already passed the Canadian hunting exams, some did not even know how to go about it.

At the founding meeting about 30 people attended, and a declaration to join the Club 41 people had made.

Gathered in the Polish Hunting Club in Canada, we notice that our national duty is to contribute to the Polish community in the country of our residence. We direct our contacts to various Polish communities, young people and children of Polish origin. We also have the support of the Consulate and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, of which we are very proud.

Our Values

We are mostly Catholics. We brought our faith out of our family homes and we are deeply attached to it. That is why our hunting belongs to the canons of hunting with deeply rooted Christian tradition.

But in the club, we promote respect for members who belong to different religions or have a different world view. Hence, the value of our membership in the Polish Hunting Club in Canada is in the tolerance and deep comradeship, especially supported in "Darz Bór" and "Święty Hubert!", Which is hidden under our club banner.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is a far-reaching camaraderie among ourselves, from which practicing proper hunting follows clearly. In the details, it breaks down far-reaching safety, efficiency and shooting quality. We support these advantages by complying with hunting law, which we analyze and assimilate at our numerous club meetings. We improve the above-mentioned relationships among our members of the Polish Hunting Club by numerous sports shooting with shotguns and bullets. Such shooting sports competition means that our club members are familiar with hunting weapons for good. Thanks to this, fellow hunters know what weapons they can use in Canadian hunting and what accessories to use for this. And this ultimately pays off in practicing safe and proper hunting.