The Polish Hunting Club of Canada organized, like every year, hunting for pheasants. Seventeen hunters came to this hunt, who from an agreed gathering point in Bolton, went to another joint meeting at the "PINEGROVE PHEASANT FARM" farm in Castleton. After settling down the formalities and performing the briefing by Jan Zych with hunters gathered, in accordance with the rules of the division of fields to hunt, the Lowland formed the hunters into three groups. He did it in such a way that in each group there was a minimum of one hunting dog. As it turned out later, it would be impossible to get rid of lichens covered with snow without the mentioned dogs on the snow cover. At this point, to our colleagues, owners of the wolves and Labrador, thank you for the gift of lending the dog service - the cordial “Darz Bór”! I do not know if all colleagues realize that for a few hours to enjoy effective hunting with a dog, you should look after your whole year. Such a dog's wish for a colleague is a gesture above all, and in the last analysis, she testifies that these dogs are great friends and have great merits in integrating our Club. The effect of this hunt, as for these conditions, fell out well, because we only had as many pheasants as many of us were hunting. And the yield closed in 47 pieces. There were no potters or a king of hunting. For it was a great Colombian atmosphere. After the hunt, as it complied with the hunter's respectable respect, it was laid down, there was a nice briefing, after which part of the culinary hunt was approached. During the feast, one of our colleagues during drying was gortex footwear and this was the only item on the side of the "loss" in the settlement of this successful meeting.