Hunter Stories

Wacek spotted the tracks of the large Oder. Wild boar came out of the forest of our Russian neighbors through a headland of bushes going around 60 meters to our area. The promontory was about 40 meters wide. On the left, a large oak grew in the middle of its length, and a broad clump of sloe beneath it. On the oak tree, between the lower branches, we saw rusted buckles deep in the bark. It was probably a remnant of a hunting pulpit from years ago. On the right side of the headland there were several tall, not too thick birches growing. The rest of the bushes were rickety alder carnivores, densely lined with blackberries. Wacek immediately assumed the position for himself on oak.

Inhabitants of neighboring villages, which connected the aforementioned road, for some time began to avoid (especially women) moving around alone after dusk. In the area, people began to say that the devil was haunting the road. Where did it come from?

One November evening, together with a colleague who, by virtue of forwarding the lower jaw, we called "Szufia", we went to plant the "niggers" on this road. Earlier, on a stretch of road covered with tall bushes on a lonely tree, I made a makeshift "rise". My hunting companion, a peasant like an oak, decided to stay on the road, in a place about 200m away, to the right of me. Roadside willows were already beginning there. He decided to wait for the wild, hidden behind the trunk of one of them. I sat in my position. A cold, November wind was blowing from the forest, the more acute that I was sitting on a tree.

A few years later, with another adept of hunting, I acted more cautiously. The wild boar at the time was a quagmire. At that time, we had built solid pulpits throughout the area where they were rummaging. A lot of wild boars came out of the forest that was the circumference of the Russian hunting circle. The officers of the local Russian garrison hunted in it. I covered the boundaries of arable fields by day and picked out the most-frequented paths. Together with two colleagues, we decided to settle for the company returning from the fields in the morning. I decided to place my friends on the pulpits built over a wide drainage ditch separating the farmland from the meadow belt.

Somewhere in the early 1970s in our field, which bordered on both sides of the forest complex, we began to encounter wilder footprints more often. It was a period of full development of the State Farms, which in our area began to grow crops and maize forage on a large scale. The wild boars were not stupid, instead of gobbling in the woods, looking for poor grubs, they preferred the PGR canteen. Tracing and first matches started. Planted on wild boars alone, or in groups. Wild boars descending from the fields to the forest in the morning, they had the opportunity to choose many roads and they did so. With time, we built pulpets on more frequented descents, but it was not possible everywhere. Meetings with wild boars were very common, but beyond the range of a shotgun with smooth barrels.

Sometimes it happens that some wives can not understand the strength of the original hunting passion, which tells their partners to go hunting regardless of the weather and circumstances. This is often the reason for home problems. One day in August I had an appointment with my father that after his return from work, we would go to the evening gold ducks. One of the Nestors of the Circle, Mr. Tadzio, was to take with us. We drove by car to the house where he lived. After blowing up with the horn, he appeared on the balcony of the second floor, loudly announcing that he was about to leave. After him a spouse fell on the balcony, shouting that we would leave because he would not go anywhere. At that Mr. Tadzio waved his hand politely and went into the apartment. A lovely spouse ran after him.