Hunting in Poland, I did not even dream of hunting and shooting a bear. After arriving in Canada and settling in the Province of Ontario, I passed the hunting exam as soon as possible, I bought a gun, and understandably, I began to look at what a "fat" one would choose. The nearest in the hunting schedule was a black bear.
Being a complete novice (when it comes to hunting bears), having no contact with other hunters, I decided to buy a week's hunt in the outtter in the Temagami area. The local area, as I have heard, is one of the few forest areas in Ontario that have survived to this day. Looking at the map, seeing a small network of roads and a few in this area of ​​the village, I was already tracking bears with the eyes of the imagination. From the words of the owner of the holiday resort ("lodge"), with whom I rented a house and which had bowls to fatten, it was possible to deduce that catching the bowl is only a matter of arrival, taking a seat, pressing the trigger, and of course, placing the projectile accurately. Unfortunately, you encounter reality brought me quickly from the clouds, in which already with my "teddy bear" I was swinging on hard ground.

It turned out that the owner of "lodge" is his fresh buyer (he bought this resort 4 months earlier) and about the hunt he has no idea. After his predecessor, he took over two makeshift "boosts" on which he was afraid to sit.
The lure of bears started (apparently) 2 weeks before my arrival. As a bait, he used fish that have it to himself, with such a sacramental smell, and that after a week I had the impression that I was this "fragrance" thoroughly permeated. I have not seen the bear or even traces of his presence until the end of his stay. I left angry knowing that I was made into a "balloon". It was 1987. Since then, I have not attempted to hunt bears. Yes, I bought the hunt, because during the hunt for deer, a meeting with a teddy bear may happen, but I did not ride especially for them.

My clubmates from the Polish Hunting Club of Canada hunted them with different luck. Six years later, in 1993, a club mate persuaded me to hunt for a bear in spring, hunting for the area near the mouth of Moon River to Georgian Bay, about 300 km. north of Toronto. From previous years, there were already well-built pulpits and what is important - the bears were already baited and began to take a bait.
I bought licenses and started to ride with one friend. For the first few days in the forest I saw only ground squirrels making noise. One evening, an approaching rustling of leaves lifted my adrenaline level. I thought that it must be "my" bear, but it turned out that it was a huge porcupine who went to the pulpit itself, sniffed at my footsteps and with further noise he continued walking. Colleagues hunted with the same effects. Finally, on May 14, around 20 o'clock, I noticed some movement in the bush on the right side of the eye. I turned my head cautiously and saw a bear running like a ghost like a ghost. I could hear the squirrel running on the dry leaves, and he went silently through the bushes.

He looked ridiculous, because he was all wet and the hair adhering to his paws and torso made him look like a greyhound. He walked slowly, all the time in the bushes, about 80-100 m away from my position.
He did not look like a large specimen, but I tried to take him on the cross of the telescope. Unfortunately, the bushes were dense. Misio took his time, circling me and falling deeper into the thicket. In these conditions, I did not decide to shoot. I waited another hour until dusk and then, before going down to the car, I decided to hang fresh portions of packages. I hung them in a sack at a height of about 2m. over the earth. I returned to the car in the dark.
That evening only I saw a bear. The next day at 17ºº I am already back. There is no package in Paczków, torn bag, meaning the bear was here at night, and it is not so small if it reached the 2 m up. It remains to sit patiently and carefully observe the area around the site. The squirrels are chasing again, making a lot of noise. It's past 20ºº and nothing happens. It's a pity, but maybe you had to shoot yesterday? There is only one more hour left until you have to finish the hunt (up to half an hour after sunset). About 40 min. later, in front of the pulpit, I noticed a dark stain. With binoculars, I see the back of a bear standing on the edge of a swamp, sheltered from my side by a high bank. After a moment he raised his head and began to sniff. The wind was good, on the left side and on me. After a moment, the bear marched to the shore. There was a long time around the bushes, and I was looking for small ones, because it could have been a young female. After a few minutes I was sure that the young are gone.

I did not have a comparative scale, but the bear seemed not very big to me. When he turned to me, revealing the left shoulder blade, I gave the shot aiming "at the chamber." After the shot the bear roared, made "candles" to fall in my direction in half-turn. Then, in the blink of an eye, with a few jumps he overcame a distance of about 30 m in the direction of me and with a roar collapsed on the ground. He was still rolling in his place, roaring. The rifle had already been overloaded and by the shoulder, but I did not shoot because the bear was creating on the ground raging mass on all sides and it was not very effective how to place the balls. At one point he jumped quite high up and fell on a metal barrel tied to a tree (serving as a container for a bait). When I heard the clash of claws on the metal sheet, I will not say it - shivers flew over my back. At the moment I had him in the telescope from above and from the back. I quickly gave the second shot, to which the next roar was responding, the bear fell forward. Bushes and trees obscured my view, but I heard that he got and "comes". It all happened very quickly. The distance between the two shots was several seconds, and so many things happened. In the forest it was already quite dark, the bear's wheezing was still heard for a few minutes, then everything fell silent. After the next few minutes, the thought came to me to get off the pulpit, see what was happening to him and possibly give away the "arrow of grace". But as soon as this thought came to my mind, she passed away so fast, reminding me of the claw of the claws for the sheet. Yes, I approached a wounded boar in Poland at night, but there was a moon and a boar was in potatoes, and here it was dark as hell, bushes. Bear, I do not know how big, but the claws, as I've heard, is probably quite big.

No, I will not be an idiot and I will wait for colleagues. Arrows have heard that they will not come with the flashlights when they are at the car, and then we will look. Until the morning nothing will be brewed and the fur will be useless. Indeed, after some time I saw the light of flashlights, colleagues were coming. The first question is - lies? It lies. Big? Well, no, I'm not answering. We're going to look.
Behind the bush at a distance of about 10 m from the place of the first shot, there is a bear. What are you saying, this is a small bear? I approach and look. The bear lies in the hole, it is great. I do not want to believe me. What's up? How could I be wrong in size assessment? The fact that I do not have experience in shooting bears, but to be so wrong? The explanation was simple. I went hunting for an area I did not know. I had no idea about the distances of individual points of the site from the pulpit because, not wanting to be sniffed by a bear, after coming under the cup I quickly climbed up, and after dark, the same way I withdrew. It turned out that the first shot I gave from a distance of about 130 m, thinking that it is a distance of 70-80 m. On the first and second day, when I saw the bear was already dark, and in the bush the distance assessment is very problematic, when there is no comparative scale.

We took the prey to the higher ground and started taking pictures, and then the ceremony of my "baptism" took place. Unfortunately, the colleague who took pictures, so botched the work, that only one thing was successful.
The bear was a male with a length from the nose to the tail, 6 feet, or 180 cm, if you prefer. After weighed, it weighed approx. 150 kg. (how much did he have to weigh in the autumn?).
I shot a caliber cartridge 30-06 with a "Nosler Partition" -180 grain projectile. The first ball was located on the left, low shoulder blade. The second was ideally placed in the middle of the spine in the sacral area. Both shots were lethal, and how much strength this animal had.
During the next years I sometimes rode on bears, In total I have them on schedule 5, and that's where I ended hunting bears. None of the later bears did not beat the first when it comes to size, as well as the quality of fur. In the Ontario province, spring hunting for bears is forbidden, and summer fur can not even be compared to a dense winter.