Somewhere in mid-December, I was invited by Witia to a collective hunt in their forest circuit. Some of his colleagues have already met on the previous "duck-fish" hunt. Now a little more appeared at the collection. We all had shotguns, because the Russians were not allowed to have a hunting weapon. After arriving in the forester's lodge, the hunter agreed with the forester, on which we can hunt a piece of the forest. For some formal reasons (it was probably about responsibility in the event of an accident), the Russians could not employ people to take offense, so they hunted in the forest so-called. "bench". I was curious how it would look in practice. The Woodsman did not want to hunt with us, covering himself with the onslaught of office work. We got in the car and drove to the designated area.

We set out on a forest road at about 150-meter intervals and we went ahead with a high, mixed forest. On the commas we encountered, we were supposed to line up the line. The forest was fairly rare so that I could see my neighbors marching on both sides all the time. We arrived at the first comma in a fairly equal number. Behind this line, straight ahead and on the left, a tall forest stretched further, while on the right there was already a piece of wood, and beyond it a wall of a young man could be seen. My neighbor on the right side still got to the forest, but the next hunter had to go straight. I wondered how deep this branch was. There was no way to keep an even line of hunters on the next episode. Those in the youngsters will certainly go slower. Well, I just had to keep the line with my neighbors. Finally, I saw that the neighbor on the right gives me a sign to move on. After several dozen meters, I heard two quick shots from the right. I looked in that direction and saw the "rudel" of deer escaping from the bar, about 30 meters in front of my neighbor. He did not see them because of the thick cover, but he could hear them running. Meanwhile, they headed back, between us. Here the cover was less frequent and you could think about shooting. I waited for the deer to pass the line of hunters, wanting to give a safe shot back. I had the weapon loaded with "brecks". Suddenly, I realized that my neighbor was pulling barrels after the deer, not caring about the fact that in a moment he would have me on the line of fire.

Instinctively, I hid behind a thick beech trunk. At that moment, I heard shots and shots of pellets on my curtain. Hearing the sound of retreating deer I carefully looked from behind the trunk cover. My neighbor approached, but he did not look at me. He looked down looking for traces of "paint." I looked at the other side of the trunk, where the shots hit. A few of them stuck quite deep into the hard beech wood and saw that he was firing "lofts". One such lead ball with a diameter of 7mm could easily kill me. I cursed him from the last in his mother tongue, insulting his mother, but it did not make him feel any better. He showed me a few drops of "paint" on the ground in a sign that he was not. He said he was coming back behind the roe, checking if the wounded art had fallen somewhere else. And you're going to be a clear shit - I thought. I looked to the left, but I did not see the neighboring hunter who was Witia - he moved forward. I accelerated to line up with the line of hunters, which was difficult because I did not see anyone on my right. You can hear it for a few shots, now for a change from the left. I assumed that the road to the right must end on some road. After walking a long distance, suddenly, from a distance, I heard clearly a series of shots from machine guns. Well, that was still missing. Not enough that I do not know if I'm going in the right direction, is that it? After the next few tens of meters I saw the clearance of the road. I saw him standing there, Witia, who told me that we must wait for those who break through the denser parts of the forest. I asked about this series from the machine. Ah - it is "Pietia Awtomatczik". It did not say anything to me, but there was no time for discussion because it was necessary to go further. On the next road, speeding stopped. A car was waiting for us. During the momentary break I learned from Witia that one of the skin occupying such a position in the unit hunts with the "ghetto", that nobody dares to forbid it. I did not ask for more. I just asked them to show me the path to the forester's lodge, because I sprained my ankle and could not go on hunting with them anymore. I assured Witia that it was nothing serious and I went towards the forester's lodge. They continued their hunt.

In the forester's house, the host took care of me and wanted to make a compress. I confessed to the fraud and its reasons. He looked at me and admitted that he would not go hunting with the Russians for any treasure, because only one thing has life and health. I also did not try to hunt with them anymore.