Wacek spotted the tracks of the large Oder. Wild boar came out of the forest of our Russian neighbors through a headland of bushes going around 60 meters to our area. The promontory was about 40 meters wide. On the left, a large oak grew in the middle of its length, and a broad clump of sloe beneath it. On the oak tree, between the lower branches, we saw rusted buckles deep in the bark. It was probably a remnant of a hunting pulpit from years ago. On the right side of the headland there were several tall, not too thick birches growing. The rest of the bushes were rickety alder carnivores, densely lined with blackberries. Wacek immediately assumed the position for himself on oak.

As he continued to hunt with the shotgun, he came to the conclusion that, sitting at the height of the first boughs, he would have sufficient fire for the weapon he possessed. It was still necessary to bet on the right side of the cape. But how? In the end, I decided to put 2 boards on one of the birches. I climbed with them to a height of about 4 meters. Above I was afraid to climb, the tree was chervald, the branches were not too thick, and in addition to every movement, it was swaying in all directions. Wacek made fun of me, but I did not pay attention to it. We prepared the positions and we arranged for an evening hunt.

It was already full and the moon was rising well before midnight. We were on the spot right after dusk. Wacek, like a monkey, climbed an oak tree, and I climbed my post and calmly waited. For this, my friend was constantly fiddling. Somehow he could not find a comfortable position. Out of laziness, counting on a comfortable bough he did not make any seat and he had to sit astride, leaning back against the trunk.

It was getting dark, but the moon was about to appear. There was no wind. In the distance, only the barking of dogs and the sounds of a nearby village were heard. Still, someone belated, spent the night in a pasture cow. I listened carefully to every sound coming from the forest. Suddenly from the side where Wacek sat, I heard a strange blow to the tree and the suppressed curse of my friend. What is he doing to the devil, instead of sitting quietly? I heard the shuffle of his clothes on the bark of a tree, and again there was silence.

The moon was higher and visibility improved with each passing moment. I began to inspect the area along the tree wall with binoculars. Satisfied, I saw deer grazing on the edge of the forest. Very good - they will let you know when the wild ones are approaching. It was very uncomfortable for me. I tried to take a more convenient position, but the narrow board did not allow too much comfort. In addition, every stronger movement caused the swaying of the whole tree and noise, which due to the lack of wind seemed all the more loud. In this silence from the oak side I heard a metallic impact, then a rather loud rustling and the sound of broken branches. After a short moment I heard a moan and a juicy bunch of curses. I did not know what was going on. After a long moment, the noise of branches moved, further curses, then Wacek's call. I thought maybe he fell from a tree, broke or got hurt. Carefully, I got off the birch tree and went towards the oak. I lit the flashlight, but there was no Wacek under oak or oak. Suddenly, from the bush of blackthorn, I heard his voice - help me get out of this damn thing. I lit the flashlight, and saw a colleague lying on top of a barbed bush of blackthorn.

At first I was speechless, and then I asked myself if I had not damaged myself during the fall. What about the face and eyes - did I ask? Wacek said that nothing had happened, just to pull out the knife and set about cutting the branches. I took it for it, but blackthorn twigs are not only that they have long and hard spikes, they are also quite hard. After a while, I already had ridged hands. Wacek tried to help from the inside, but the spikes driven into his clothes limited his ability to maneuver the body. In an access to good humor, I proposed a faster solution to the problem, which involves setting the bush on fire. Surprisingly, he did not curse me, you can see that he was very scared that I would leave him in this bush for the fate, mosquitoes and boars. In the end, we cut a hole through which I could catch him by the hand. After prolonged fixing with the bush and cutting out a few twigs, he was finally released. Only his rubber boots and hat were left inside. He looked terrible. There was blood on the face and on the head. Fortunately, at the fall, he instinctively extended his hands in front of him and thus protected most of the face and eyes. His hands and forearms were remade through the spines. A strong material of military field clothes he had on him saved him from major cuts.

As I have already mentioned, Wacek often dozed off in the post. This time it was similar. Wacuś sat on the branch and after a while he fell asleep. He tried to fight somehow with him, but he had no chance. The first noise I heard was caused by a rifle released from my hands, which hit the branch with falling. Wacek managed to catch her yet. He did not make it again the second time, he leaned out too far and fell.