Inhabitants of neighboring villages, which connected the aforementioned road, for some time began to avoid (especially women) moving around alone after dusk. In the area, people began to say that the devil was haunting the road. Where did it come from?

One November evening, together with a colleague who, by virtue of forwarding the lower jaw, we called "Szufia", we went to plant the "niggers" on this road. Earlier, on a stretch of road covered with tall bushes on a lonely tree, I made a makeshift "rise". My hunting companion, a peasant like an oak, decided to stay on the road, in a place about 200m away, to the right of me. Roadside willows were already beginning there. He decided to wait for the wild, hidden behind the trunk of one of them. I sat in my position. A cold, November wind was blowing from the forest, the more acute that I was sitting on a tree.

I was warmly dressed, but I still felt his cold underparts. I had a military "Ushanka" on my head. In order to hear well, I did not tie the ribbon from the ear flaps under my chin. Solved, I lightly dropped down to cover the top of my ears. The wind chased clouds across the sky, occasionally revealing the full moon shield.

It was quite late. With binoculars in my eyes, I looked through the strip of fields between the forest and the road. Visibility was poor. Just a thick layer of clouds completely obscured the moon. Suddenly, I heard feminine voices on the left. A group of a few ladies walked along the road from one village to another. I lit a cigarette, and when I finished smoking, I approached my position. I threw the cigarette down on the road, just in front of them. When you looked up, shouting, "Mother of God - devil," it was what I heard. The moment and all the women, shouting in fear, began to flee towards the village they were going to. Probably, seeing me sitting on a tree against the dark clouds with fluttering earmuffs that made them associate with devilish roses, they took me for the legendary devil Boruta. They fled as fast as they needed to be fit. They only released at the willow behind which Szufia was hidden. Then, without a word, he emerged from behind the tree. The women, when they saw him, began to run away again with a scream. The fact that my friend's beauty was quite different from the beauty of film fans and you could get scared. That November night, in the pale light of the moon through the clouds, he could, with his camera and massive body structure, associate them with the hero of the horror movie. These small details partly explain the women's reaction. But that was only the introduction to the legend.

A few weeks later, in identical composition, we chatted in the same positions. It was already frost, but the winter was so snowless so far. Deep puddles on the gravel road froze. Late at night, I heard the whir of the motorbike driving. As he passed me, dodging between the frozen puddles, he suddenly fell over and then saw that the driver was drunk heavily. He recovered with difficulty and went on. Arriving at the place where my friend was located, he fell over again. The moment he raised his vehicle, Szufia emerged from beyond the willow to help him. The driver, when he saw him, sharply added gas and screamed at the break of his neck and began to run away. As a result, a dozen meters away, he laid out on another puddle. He gathered up quickly and moved on. In the nighttime silence there was alternating the roar of the engine and the crash of another fall. This event established the belief among the local people that the devil, or maybe even two devils, is haunting this path.

The tree that I used to sit on has grown so far, and among older hunters, from my former circle, is called the "devil's tree".