A few years later, with another adept of hunting, I acted more cautiously. The wild boar at the time was a quagmire. At that time, we had built solid pulpits throughout the area where they were rummaging. A lot of wild boars came out of the forest that was the circumference of the Russian hunting circle. The officers of the local Russian garrison hunted in it. I covered the boundaries of arable fields by day and picked out the most-frequented paths. Together with two colleagues, we decided to settle for the company returning from the fields in the morning. I decided to place my friends on the pulpits built over a wide drainage ditch separating the farmland from the meadow belt.

On the other hand, this strip of meadows, about 120-150m wide, was limited by a local road planted with field willows that connected two neighboring villages. Behind the road, there was a forest about 100 m away. The pulpit on which I settled my friends was separated from each other by a small pine grove and about 300m apart. At both, the previous day, I saw fresh pathways. They were like tunnels, trodden in the high grass growing on the slope of the ditch, through which the wild jumped back to the forest.

Our "nimrod" Wacek, who was armed with a shotgun, I planted on the pulpit, at which, at a distance of perhaps 5 meters, there was a well-trodden passage - almost a "wild highway". I sat by the road myself, on the top of one of the burned willows, where I had a comfortable, covered with moss seat for a long time. I had the book of the "wild" debut in front of my eyes, at a distance of about 100 meters, to my right. On the left, apart from the youngster, I saw the roof of the pulpit, on which the second hunter sat - Janek.

The sun was already quite high, when in binoculars, I noticed wild in the fields. Most of the cereals were already mowed, so I saw them quite clearly as they crossed stubble stains. They were approaching a large group, but there was no way to count them. It could have been roughly 40 pieces or so. The "wild train" was guided by a sow, and behind it, just like the weaned piglets followed the string. Behind the weaners, in the moving, unruly group ran overflows and a dozen nice slices. Locha ran from cultivation to growing, trying to avoid the exposed space. Finally, she headed for the pulpit, where our "nimrod" waited for them. Before the ditch the wild boar stopped for a moment, but after a moment the sow first jumped the ditch and after waiting on the other side, waited for the weaners, who followed her way along the mowed meadow to the edge of the forest. Behind them ran the rest of the company. You could hear only a splash of water in the ditch. Wacek knew that he was not allowed to shoot the dungeons with the young, but here thicker pieces are falling into the meadow, and he is still not shooting. The sow with offspring was already halfway across the width of the meadow. Behind her, the wild flower of the youth was running fast. Why is this Wacek not shooting? - I thought, while measuring to the first in the pele-ton slice. A shot, I hear a bullet hit, a boar falls over, I overload. I shoot in a similar sequence to the next three. The situation is like a shooting range. Fifth wild boar puddly, because at the time of the shot fell into some landslides and the ball went up. I see the end of the pack leave the meadow and skip the road, rushing to the sheltering forest. Wacek did not fire even once. He probably fell asleep, I thought, Wacus was famous for his talent to fall asleep anywhere and at any time, but my shots were to wake him up. I whistled and see that he is handing me over the edge of the pulpit. On the other hand, I see Janek coming towards us. I am going down and I from my willow and go to the boar nearest to me. I can see Wacek, sluggishly climbing down the steps of the ladder. After a while I come to the wild boar, and my friends are approaching slowly towards me. Why did not you shoot? - I'm asking Wacek. I could not keep my arms, so my hands began to shake - says Wacuś.

In fact, you can still see that it internally shakes. Well, for calming the nerves, take care of gutting - I said, pointing to a nice, about 60-kilo slice lying in the grass. The other three are also yours, and I'm going to see if the last boar has been wounded, or if there is no shot on the spot, "I said. I came after traces of dew on the dew, but I did not find traces of paint. Then I came back to help Wacus.