Somewhere in the early 1970s in our field, which bordered on both sides of the forest complex, we began to encounter wilder footprints more often. It was a period of full development of the State Farms, which in our area began to grow crops and maize forage on a large scale. The wild boars were not stupid, instead of gobbling in the woods, looking for poor grubs, they preferred the PGR canteen. Tracing and first matches started. Planted on wild boars alone, or in groups. Wild boars descending from the fields to the forest in the morning, they had the opportunity to choose many roads and they did so. With time, we built pulpets on more frequented descents, but it was not possible everywhere. Meetings with wild boars were very common, but beyond the range of a shotgun with smooth barrels.

An increasing number of hunters decided to take a course and a selection exam, not to become a deer selector, but because the passing of such an examination was a condition for obtaining permission to buy and possession of a ball gun with threaded barrels. I was one of them. In "Jedność Łowiecka" I managed to buy a new Czech "Brno" rifle, cal. 30-06. Years of "wild fever" have begun. There were a lot of adventures associated with it. Often comical, but at the same time driving quite a lot of fear in the hunter participating in them, as well as outsiders.

Once, we went on a five for a morning seat. There was a young friend with us who was just beginning his adventure with Diana and had only a shotgun. The rest had risers. We were to bet on a stretch of flood embankment that ran a semicircle over several kilometers, collapsing in several places. On the one hand, there was a belt of swamps behind which was already the border of the neighboring region, on the other (our side) there were hundreds of hectares of maize and grains. A few kilograms away were peasant fields. It has not been raining for a long time, the corn was still quite low, so it was not enough protection for wild boars during the day. After night feeding on fields for the day the wild boars returned to the forest. We decided to bet on four of the freshest passages. There were no pulpits or booths built there. We had to take positions on the crown of the embankment. A possible shot was possible and allowed only down and forward. At the first "wild" passage, we set our "nimrod", forbidding him to change his position. It was set on a straight section just before the bend, for which the rest of us were to stand. Next, we were already catching the four in the high grass growing on the crown of the embankment, where the well-trodden paths of wild boars going out for the evening prey were clearly visible. We occupied successively positions, at intervals of around 500m. We were told that in the morning we would leave the office the same way we came. I stayed alone listening carefully.

Wild boar could come here for a late supper, it was difficult to predict their plans. In silence there was only a hedgehog raking in the grass and chirping of crickets. On the front, after a while, along with a slight gust of wind I heard a distant sound of wild feast. And so they are. There must have been a lot of them, and among them a sow with weaners and overflows, they make the most noise. Sitting on a stool, I listened intently to these sounds, asking Saint. Hubert, so that on the way back to the forest bedroom they went in my direction. It got dark. The moon was behind the clouds, and until dawn I still had a lot of time. Suddenly, on the right side, I heard the clear sounds of wild boars. I understood that there must be two separate groups in the fields. You just have to wait patiently until it brightens. The noise moved gradually farther to the right of my position, and after some time the sounds died down. I was hoping that the "niggers" would appear further and come out on a colleague standing on my right.

It grew brighter and faster every minute. He was raising the day. I lifted my binoculars and began to penetrate the area thoroughly. Wild boars made themselves felt from time to time, but they could not be seen. Probably with the rising sun they decided to return to the forest. At a distance of about 300 meters, I saw the wilderness "train" going to the left. Diagonally, they were heading towards the colleagues standing on my left. I have an observation left. They left more and more to the left and after a while I stopped to see them, the turning shaft shielded my view. It meant that they were walking between our "nimrod" and the other of our colleagues. He separated the bend of the shaft. I wonder who will shoot? It took several minutes, but I did not hear the shot.

After a moment a whistle sounded. It was a signal from a colleague. I saw him approaching from the right. He said the group of wild boars I had heard had gone deep into the crop and lost sight of it. Perhaps he is still sitting there hidden in the cornfield, or completely changed the direction. Nothing came to him. We began to slowly return to the car. There was plenty of dew on the high grass and after a few steps I was completely wet and my shoes were splashing with water. We got to the next of our colleagues, but he too had these wild boars too far and saw how wide a bow avoiding the next colleague disappearing around the bend shaft, exactly where the novice was set. The next colleague was not in the position either. Traces in the dew indicated that he had gone to the car. After going round the corner, we saw him standing alone in the first position, and our "nimrod" was not there. Fear flew over us - maybe something happened to him? Maybe he fainted? We quickly approached and ask, what about the "new"? I do not know - this one suits us and shows us with the hand on the slope of the embankment. In the dew-strewn grass, a dozen or so fresh paths were clearly visible, crumpled by the wilderness. But what happened to the novice? After a while we noticed that the dew is also knocked on the path that runs along the crown of the shaft towards the car. Well, he left the position too quickly and the wild ones went unfinished.

We set out in the direction of the car, preparing a separate reprimand along the way, to remember it for the rest of our lives. From a distance, we saw the culprit walking nervously at the car. He looked shaken and something gibberish without composition and order. Only after a while he mastered enough to be questioned. It turned out that despite the clear command that he sat on the crown of the embankment, he decided to sit down below the wall of corn. For this reason, the wild heard from a very close distance. He only managed to get up from the stool when he realized with horror that the wild boars run to him. He did not have much time to combine, one of the boars drove straight between his legs and took him to the crown of the embankment, losing his way along the way. Horrified "wild jockey", when all the animals were in the forest, he jumped up and ran towards the car, leaving his shotgun and hunting stool in the corn. Just in case, we performed a preliminary inspection of the victim, without stating wounds or scratches. Unfortunately, we were not able to get him back for abandoned things, you had to do it for him. Our hero for a long time did not even want to hear about night hunting for wild boars. In the end, he somehow managed to survive, but he only hunted only from pulpits.