Hunter Stories

Hunting in Poland, I did not even dream of hunting and shooting a bear. After arriving in Canada and settling in the Province of Ontario, I passed the hunting exam as soon as possible, I bought a gun, and understandably, I began to look at what a "fat" one would choose. The nearest in the hunting schedule was a black bear.
Being a complete novice (when it comes to hunting bears), having no contact with other hunters, I decided to buy a week's hunt in the outtter in the Temagami area. The local area, as I have heard, is one of the few forest areas in Ontario that have survived to this day. Looking at the map, seeing a small network of roads and a few in this area of ​​the village, I was already tracking bears with the eyes of the imagination. From the words of the owner of the holiday resort ("lodge"), with whom I rented a house and which had bowls to fatten, it was possible to deduce that catching the bowl is only a matter of arrival, taking a seat, pressing the trigger, and of course, placing the projectile accurately. Unfortunately, you encounter reality brought me quickly from the clouds, in which already with my "teddy bear" I was swinging on hard ground.

At the end of the '70s, red foxes were fashionable. Prices of wild fox fur (out of breeding) were very high, often exceeding the average monthly salary. The "fox fever" started.

In mid-December hunt for hares was provided. Conditions were great. Ponowa - at night about 10 centimeters of snow fell, it was sunny, freezing -5 ° C and no wind. At the collection there were long-lost faces. He brought one of his colleagues as touts to his wife and daughter. Ladies were delighted with the winter landscape, so there was no end to "ohh" and "achom". At the end of the briefing, the hunter usually asked if there were any questions from the participants. "Are there foxes here"? - the older woman asked. Everyone burst out laughing. Amused company began to occupy positions on the line of hunters, and beaters with tractor and trailer went to set up at the exit stands.

Somewhere in mid-December, I was invited by Witia to a collective hunt in their forest circuit. Some of his colleagues have already met on the previous "duck-fish" hunt. Now a little more appeared at the collection. We all had shotguns, because the Russians were not allowed to have a hunting weapon. After arriving in the forester's lodge, the hunter agreed with the forester, on which we can hunt a piece of the forest. For some formal reasons (it was probably about responsibility in the event of an accident), the Russians could not employ people to take offense, so they hunted in the forest so-called. "bench". I was curious how it would look in practice. The Woodsman did not want to hunt with us, covering himself with the onslaught of office work. We got in the car and drove to the designated area.

The first opportunity appeared in September. I was invited by Witia to hunt ducks on fish breeding ponds, located in the hunting grounds of some other Russian hunting wheel. We left at night to take positions on dikes in the dark. In the huge military "Kamaz", almost 20 hunters were seated. There were some canvas sacks on the back. As explained to me, there were pontoons with which you can pick up the shot duck (the dogs were not there). I was the only Pole in this group. The Russians (and in fact the "Soviets", because there were also representatives of the Asian republics), already while driving, quickly pulled out bread, bacon, onion and spirits from their sacks' backpacks, preparing to hunt.

The Russian military units stationed in Poland had separate hunting grounds designated for themselves, on which their officers could hunt. We bordered on two such circuits. They were hunted by officers from two different air units. These were 100% forested circuits.

Very often our neighbors rushed to our area to silently shoot a pheasant or roe, or in the Oder's embankment to hunt for ducks, which were then quake. Periods of protection were generally not observed. Many times we saw them from a distance, but each time they managed to hide in the forest constituting their perimeter. Complaints to the garrison headquarters did not work, because we could not give any further information about any of them, and that's what their "demand" demanded.