Tradition - the holiday thing. It is our roots, respect for our ancestors and their accomplishments, a mine of historical knowledge and a testimony of cultural sensitivity. The care of customs, traditions and hunting customs created by centuries is proof that hunting - thousands of years ago and today - is more than harvesting meat and skins. More than a way to protect nature or a certain form of relaxation.

Hunters from the earliest times until today sought for the support of their patrons. Throughout history, depending on the level of human development, the current religion or even fashion, the caretakers of the low-seas have changed. Contemporary in European culture is not the only, but the main, most common patron of the hunters, intermediary between the lover and the Creator, is Saint. Hubert.

Each newly admitted member of the Polish Union of Polish Jews ceremonially and publicly weds, that is, with his honor, that he chooses his specific duties on his shoulders and, by his own will, undertakes to abide by certain rules. The right to decide on the death or death of animals is a great privilege. It is not surprising, then, that entrusting this law to the hunter is preceded by the fact that the hunter pays his honor that he will observe the canons according to which this privilege is realized.

The continuation of all these rights and traditions on Canadian soil was transferred by a group of enthusiasts who hunted in Poland and wanted to continue their passions in the Canadian forests, and wanted to start an adventure with hunting in Canada, the new country of their settlement.

They were people from different regions of Poland. Some of them were included in the Canadian Ranger exams and had gun permits, but there was also a group of people who did not know how to get to it. At that time, in 1992, about 30 people attended the founding meeting. Declarations of joining the Club in a short time made 41 people. After developing the Statute and registration of the Club (this took place in May 1992), the Polish-Canadian Hunting Club began its activity. It was probably the first officially registered hunting club outside of Poland at that time. The first chairman of the Club was Ryszard Mazur and after his death in 1997, the newly elected president was Col. Wojciech Posluszny, who performs these functions until today. From the beginning of its existence, the authorities of the Club tried to help new candidates in obtaining a license to own a gun as well as a hunting license. To this end, trainings and exams were organized. In 1998 the Club managed to obtain the consent of the Polish Association for the organization of courses and exams for newcomers to PZL. In the same year, six members of the Club were awarded by PZL with the Medal of Saint. Hubert. It was a great gesture, proving that the Club's activity was noticed and appreciated by the PZL authorities. St. Medal Hubert is awarded for special training achievements, popularization of knowledge, tradition and the culture of the army. The club in its activity also has a number of events designed to approximate matters related to the hunter and shooting not only hunter.

In their traditions, the hunters have several elementary truths that should be taken for dogma. Here are a few of them: the hunter does not hunt on Christmas and Easter Sunday. On the day of hunting, one must get up with the right leg. Putting the hunting clothes on the left side is a bad luck for the rest of the day. If on the stairway a well-behaved neighbor, absolutely in good faith, wishes “good luck”, you can go straight back to bed as it is a “bad luck”. This is probably the worst fairy tale. To the hunter, I wish that forest would give him. House threshold should be exceeded the right leg. If we are happy to get out onto the street, do not turn your head and look towards the house, although the wife in the window waved a handkerchief. If the hunter forgets what he thinks - no matter if it will be a second breakfast or a shotgun - he must not return. More likely is the lending of weapons from one of their colleagues who do not have that day. Meeting a woman with empty buckets on the way to the fishers are the best guesses for fortunate luck. The indispensable condition for success is to catch a young woman by the elbow (the knee of your wife does not count). This is one of the oldest customs, cultivated successfully to the present times, but slightly modified. I used to go hunting for partridges and caught a little toe, hunting for an ankle, and so on in the thought of the rules - "the thicker the animal, the more you take." In Poland, nowadays, buffalo and moose are under total protection, so only the "elbow" was left. The hunters who hunt in Canada are in a better situation because they can hunt moose and bears.

Members of the Polish Hunting Club of Canada respectfully follow these rules about whether they provide their trophies, which participants of the annual Hunter’s Ball may admire, because they are an element of the ballroom decoration. For many, it is an opportunity to watch for the first time or touch the skin of a black bear, a deer's veil or a lot of fawns. In 2012, 20 years have passed since the establishment of the Club. The Polish Union of Poles in recognition of the merits of the members of the Club, who are also active members of the PZL, still receives the Polish decorations. The Polonia Lecture Chapter of the Polytechnic from Chicago, too, gives its distinctions.

The Hunter’s Ball 2013 was especially festive, under the honorary patronage of the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Toronto. The following people came to the Ball: the Polish Consul General in Toronto Grzegorz Morawski, the president of the OSTOJA "Chicago" Club and the chairman of the Polish Chapter, Col. Miroslaw Pieronek, parish priest of the parish. Maksymilian Kolbe, priest Janusz Blazejak, Polish Credit Union director Andrzej Pitek and members of the Club, their families and a large group of enthusiasts of good fun that guarantee the hunters.

After congratulations and wishes of the members of the Polish Hunting Club of Canada, the Moravian consul accepted the awarding of decorations awarded by the Polish Union of Poles. And they received them: President Wojciech Posluszny - Silver Medal of Zaslugi Rowiecka, Bronze Medal of Zaslugi Polską were decorated with: vice president Krzysztof Karpiel, fishermen Jan Zych, Bogdan Terek, Kazimierz Maziarka and Andrzej Debowski. Danuta Zych has been awarded the Badge for Hunting Benefits in recognition of her involvement and assistance to the Club over the past 20 years. President Wojciech Posluszny handed Consul Grzegorz Morawski an album issued on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Club, richly illustrated and presenting the Club's activities over the years.

The chairman of the Polonia Chapter of the Polish Hunting Medals Chapter and the president of the OSTAJA Club in Chicago, Col. Miroslaw Pieronek, decorated the group of Miroslaw Bekas and Janusz Walow with the Holy Cross. Hubert. This distinction was established by Polish-American hunters' clubs in the USA and Canada in recognition of nurturing Polish hunting habits and culture as well as involvement in the activities of their mother clubs.

Awarding the honorable title of a hunting king is a very old custom in hunting. Remnant of remote times, when the hunter, who first fatally killed a large animal (and the death of a bough or a bison required many a blow), was the privilege of splitting the carcass between companions of hunting. It was not only honor, but also a large range of power. Today, this custom is only honoring these way participants of collective hunting, which in the lowlands best loved Bór. In the previous year, this privilege was granted to Andrzej Przybyla, who received a pedestrian statuette of the King of the Hunters from the hands of the Jan Zych.

During the banquet, during breaks, Col. Jan Siuta presented hunting signals played on the hunter's signal. Urszula Madej with the skill and gratitude ran the entire event and the lottery, for which I would like to thank her heartily. The main lottery prize was a "voucher" worth $ 850.- funded by the Polish Mysliwski Club. The Polish Credit Union director, Andrzej Pitek, funded the cup for the shooting competition. During the event, the vice-president of the Polish Women's Heritage Fund in Canada received a check from the Club for the benefit of special care children in Poland. There were many wishes and congratulations from many people, guests invited and regular guests of "Mysliwski's Ball" for which he cordially thanks all members of the Club.